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We take care of development of hardware and software for electronic devices, PLC’s, PC’s.
Some products:

  • flying shear cutting control
  • material handling control
  • automatic control and supervision of milling system
  • testing and in-line quality control systems on electromechanical component automatic assembly installations
  • supervision and certification systems for no-welding tube bending systems for oil pipelines and pumping stations
  • metal hardness measuring instruments
  • supervision system for freight train formation control
  • physical magnitude displaying instruments
  • automatic control of plasma arc head cutting distance
  • control of high-pressure pump for waterjet cutting machines
  • pad printing control equipment
  • interfacing with plasma cutting CNC machines
  • interfacing with waterjet cutting CNC machines
  • steam valve position control for power stations with redundant PLCs

We project and build electronic circuit boards for third parties, electromechanic panels for the communication with machin tools and automation installations.
Some products:

  • interfacing with machine tools
  • special boards for the elevator industry
  • components for food industry equipment
  • banknote checking equipment for banks
  • bank protection equipment
  • bank environment security sensors


The servo assisted moisture control system RV38 is suitable for regulating water, or water and steam, in heavy clay industrial machines: wet pan mills, mixers with/out filter, vertical mixer, extruders



The plastometer RV40 has been developed to measure the pressure, temperature and vacuum at the exit of heavy clay extruder machine.



Developed to measure the pressure and temperature at the output of extruder machine.



System regulation moisture with water and/or steam in heavy clay machines.


We have the skills and tools to take care of external assistance services needs.
Actually we are handling the bank protection equipment of Banca Intesa on behalf of Hornet Technology International.

With the aid of new professionals, we introduced ourselves in the software area:
We are dedicating ourselves in the development of custom software, web sites, “edutainment” courses and video games companies collaborations.
Some of our acquired skills:

  • Database Management
  • Web, Windows, Android, iOS Development
  • Server Management
  • Web Games and  Applications Development
  • Video Games Multiplayer Server Development and Management for real-time and turn-based games

Thanks to some of our partners, we are able to assist for Web Marketing and Event Organization activities.


L’idea di una piccola azienda premiata con un contributo di due miliardi. In porto il progetto partito dalla Cisam di Induno Olona e aiutato da Univa, Ccr di Ispra, Tea Elettronica di Carnago, Timet di Legnano e Aermacchi.

Prealpina, 28th March 1998


La piccola azienda di Carnago (Varese) ha partecipato con successo ad un programma di ricerca finanziato dalla Unione Europea che le ha consentito di ampliare la gamma produttiva.

Innovare, 4th December 2002

Where we are

TEA Elettronica Srl
via Roma, 35
21040, Carnago, VA (Italy)

Phone: +39 0331 995920
Fax: +39 0331 992014
E-Mail: tea[at]